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The greatest irony when it comes to golf is that we strive for perfection which we know is unachievable.  This is both the basis of our frustration and the source of our joy.  No one knows this phenomenon better than Steve Smyers, the acclaimed architect who designed the golf course at LochenHeath. His award-winning designs, revered by the world's top players, embody rich tradition, ethics, and passion for the game of golf.  Our beautiful course is an opponent to be reckoned with — for we may beat our fellow golfers, but we can never beat the course.

One of Michigan's Highest Ranked Golf Clubs

Located in Traverse City, LochenHeath is one of Michigan’s highest ranked private golf clubs. LochenHeath Golf Club has been named on Golf Digest’s "Best in State" list for 2017. 

LochenHeath is of Scottish origin. "Loch" is translated as lake and "Heath" is a native grass. The property, a scenic bluff overlooking East Grand Traverse Bay in the upper Lower Peninsula of Northern Michigan, was once a cherry orchard owned and operated for over 75 years by the Maitland family. The course hugs the shore of Grand Traverse Bay, offering sweeping views of its crystal blue waters.

LochenHeath is one of only a small handful of Northern Michigan Golf courses crafted in the Scottish links style. The 7,280-yard-course features rolling terrain, wide-open fairways, and deep, well-placed bunkers. The design is a player favorite both for the unmatched beauty of the surrounding area and as a challenge for golfers who want to test their prowess in the sport.

If you're looking for one of the best and highest-ranked golf courses in Northern Michigan, LochenHeath is sure to deliver a challenging round of Traverse City golf with beautiful scenic views of Lake Michigan.

Northern Michigan Golf Outings

Golf is a highly competitive sport that we play against ourselves, but it is also enjoyed in the company of others! Considering planning a golf outing in Northern Michigan? What better way to spend the day with friends or coworkers than on one of Northern Michigan's best golf courses? Whether utilizing an outing as a networking event or raising funds for charity, the Golf Club at LochenHeath will assure that your guests will be impressed and guarantee a picturesque and relaxing Michigan golf outing you'll never forget. 

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LochenHeath Golf Club is conveniently located near Traverse City, Elk Rapids, Charlevoix, and Petoskey in beautiful Northern Michigan nestled on Lake Michigan. Call today for information on our private golf memberships.