"Best In State" Rankings by Golf Digest 2016

LochenHeath Ranks a Top Golf Venue in Michigan (2015-2016)

One of Michigan's highest ranked golf clubs. 

LochenHeath Golf Traverse City

1. Crystal Downs C.C., Frankfort †

2. Oakland Hills C.C., (South) Bloomfield Hills †

3. Arcadia Bluffs G.C. (pictured right), Arcadia † √ ★

4. Forest Dunes G.C., Roscommon Δ √ ★

5. Lost Dunes G.C., Bridgman Δ

6. The Kingsley Club, Kingsley Δ

7. True North G.C., Harbor Springs

8. Point O'Woods G. & C.C., Benton Harbor

9. Marquette G.C. (Greywalls), Marquette ★

10. Tullymore G.C., Stanwood Δ √ ★

11. Wuskowhan Players Club, West Olive

12. LochenHeath G.C., Acme

13. Oakland Hills C.C. (North), Bloomfield Hills

14. Eagle Eye G.C., Bath ★

15. Franklin Hills C.C., Franklin

16. Boyne Highlands Resort (Heather), Habor Springs ★

17. Barton Hills C.C., Ann Arbor

18. Grand Traverse Resort and Spa (The Bear), Acme √ ★


19. Bay Harbor G.C. (Links/Quarry), Bay Harbor √ ★

20. Warwick Hills G. & C.C., Grand Blanc

21. Indianwood G. & C.C. (Old), Lake Orion

22. C.C. of Detroit, Grosse Pointe Farms

23. Cedar River G.C., Bellaire ★

24. Belvedere G.C., Charlevoix

25. Boyne Highlands Resort (Arthur Hills), Harbor Springs ★

Key to Symbols

† 100 Greatest Golf Course
Δ Second 100 Greatest
√ 100 Greatest Public
★ Open to the public

America's 100 Greatest & America's Second 100 Greatest requires a minimum of 45 evaluations accumulated within 8 years, 100 Greatest Public 25 evaluations and Best in State 10 ballots. While a few highly ranked state courses do have a higher score than 100 Greatest, Second 100 Greatest or 100 Greatest Public courses within that state, and are listed above them, they will not appear on a national ranking until achieving the qualifying ballots. 

Golf Digest., Jan.2014. Web. 29 Apr. 2015.

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